I went through a phase of wearing millions of bracelets when I was in high school,  so much so my guidance teacher actually asked me if it was all really necessary one day. I remember uttering some quip and storming off. That’s pretty much how I still handle sartorial attacks, haha. I then had a thing for wearing a back-breaking amount of necklaces the beginning of my undergrad and then used to kill my ears with ginormous earrings. I go through phases worshiping one accessory over another but I have always always always loaded up my hands with rings. I reckon it’s something to do with the fact my mum wears loads of rings, though she prefers dainty ones.

Fish ring – I got from a proper junk shop in Edinburgh, I think it’s called Chariot Express far up on Nicholson St, Edinburgh. The dude who runs it actually made me haggle for two rings and something else. He’s lovely, he gave me and my mate free little pins with flags on them and when I went in a couple weeks ago he offered me some hot tea cos it was freezing outside. That’s old school service for ya!

Fake turquoise ring – A freebie. I found it on the floor of my student’s union, some poor drunk girls loss, my gain.

Cubic Zirconium ring – My uncle actually found this in a pile of dirt and gave it to me. I reckon it was a wedding band that someone lost. I’m currently wearing it so I forget that I’ve mis-placed the cameo ring my mum gave me that I always wear on my pinkie. If I lost that I will probably cry.

Giant art ring – A total impluse buy from one of the wee boutiques on Cockburn St, Edinburgh  in the sense I really couldn’t afford it (It was £8, yes I am that skint) but somehow it ended up all neatly gift wrapped in hands when I left the shop. It features a painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff, I am obessed with The Green Lady painting at the moment  but this was the next best thing…

Recently, I’ve really been enjoying Yoko Ono’s ‘25 Things Even My Best Friends Didn’t Know Until Now’ section on her blog. It’s insightful, witty and as always with her  inspiring. She mentions on one of them that she always wears rings when she’s out, but the minute she gets home she has to take them off, it was only when I read this that I realised I do that too. It’s the strangest thing! It’s like the minute, I walk through the door my fingers swell, the rings become too tight and I have to get them off there n then. If I ever go out without rings on, which almost never happens, I feel kinda uneasy, a bit naked. I suppose it’s the same feeling quite of lot of women have about make-up, but that seems more understandable. If you look shit, then people will notice but if you’re not wearing rings, I doubt anyone gives two hoots. I don’t think people say “OMG, look at her she has undecorated hands. What a tramp!”. Or maybe they do but just really quietly…

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